Excellent Linen quality perfect for businesses in healthcare,
food & beverage, and hospitality.


Montana Linen Supply is a locally owned family business. We believe in integrity and putting our customers and employees first. Our mission is to supply our community with the highest quality linen products and deliver them with fast and responsive service. We strive to be fair and honest, environmentally conscious and develop partnerships with our customers to help them achieve their business goals.


We believe it is possible to supply our customers with superior linen while protecting people and the environment. Not only do we do our best to create a more “green” planet, but we also help your business do the same.


We believe excellence and efficiency to be the backbone of any great service. With our quick response times and willingness to collaborate, we are able provide our clients and communities with the best linen in Montana.


We believe in giving back to the small, yet strong, communities that make Montana such an unique and welcoming place. We build meaningful relationships with our clients and help them tackle any project no matter the size! 


Rooted in a mid-western business attitude and starting in his driveway washing mats, CEO and Owner Steve Stith began in humble ways to improve quality and service within the linen industry. He began growing the business with a family-oriented workforce, strong ethics, and a focal point on high service standards. Listening is the foundation of customer interaction, and truly catering to the customers’ needs is
what ultimately stimulated unique levels of growth.

The Stith family has always had a passion for the great outdoors and their travels and adventure seeking eventually brought them to the Gallatin Valley.
In 2005 Steve and his wife Georgia, purchased a home in south Bozeman as a retreat from the city and as a gathering place for their three children and their growing families. In 2010 Steve and Georgia’s daughter Tracy Stith and her children made the decision to make Montana their permanent home and relocated to Gallatin Gateway. History soon repeated itself and Tracy and Steve decided to start a small operation concentrating on mat service for small businesses. The new operation quickly grew benefiting from population and local business expansion and an earned reputation for excellent quality products and fast and efficient service.

Customer demand quickly required a larger facility and Montana Linen Supply moved into a plant located on Frontage Road in Belgrade. As business grew the original 7500 sq. ft plant was expanded to 14000 feet. Customers, routes and employee count expanded and over the next eight years the business had outgrown the Frontage Road location.

In December of 2019 the next phase of growth was completed with the opening of a 42000 sq. ft state of the art linen facility utilizing the latest technology, automation and a concerted effort to minimize environmental impact. Montana Linen Supply will soon be completing the requirements
to earn a “Clean Green” designation from TRSA our industry certification institution. Montana Linen Supply is proud to be part of the fabric of Southwest Montana and continues to exemplify our original founding principles of treating our employees, customers and vendors with the highest
respect and regard.


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